A: No, we do not need you to be home. If you would like to be home, we are happy to set a date for the work a few days before we come out to perform the work. Once the work is completed, we will send over an invoice via email. We do ask you to make sure your pets and any lawn furniture or cars are in a safe place.
A: We accept the following: Checks, cash or card are all acceptable forms of payment.
A: You may call us at 941-756-8733 for a FREE estimate. You can also contact us via email at john@brownstree.org
A: During the storm season, its best to schedule your preventative tree service as we can get very busy after a Florida hurricane. Preventative estimatesjohn@brownstree.org 
A: Trees, too, are prone to decay, diseases, and death like any other living being, and they require attention to maintain their wellbeing. An arborist understands what trees need. They know when and which part of the tree should be trimmed or pruned that would promote the tree's growth and good health. Moreover, they are skilled in executing any tree care service without endangering the tree, the people around the area, or the property.
A: Yes! Browns Tree Service has been performing tree work for 25 years. We are skilled in maintaining a safe and productive working environment.
A: They are trained to handle all of the eventualities, and can safely remove a tree from your property. Moreover, they have the right equipment to complete the task and ensure your property remains safe.
A: Browns Tree Service has Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. We are licensed and insured!
A: Once you approve the estimate that we provide, we will give you a timeline. To approve an estimate, you will need to reply (via email) stating that you approve the estimate. You can also sign, date and send back the estimate via email (this is our preferred method).